Tuesday, August 19, 2014

“All goes well when God is so to speak both the author and the object of our faith, the one complementing and augmenting the other. It is like the right side of a beautiful tapestry being worked stitch by stitch on the reverse side. Neither the stitches nor the needle are visible, but, one by one, those stitches make a beautiful pattern that only becomes apparent when the work is completed and the right side exposed to the light of day; although while it is in progress there is no sign of its beauty and wonder...And yet it is with these stitches that God performs wonders.” ~ Jean-Pierre de Caussade

   Perhaps it’s a reflection of influence from our western culture, or maybe it’s simply a matter of my own particular personality, but it seems that we don’t often stop to look behind us; we (or again maybe just me) are overly forward focused on bigger things. What’s next? How much more? Is there a way to get more from this project? How can we take this task up a notch?
   These are worthwhile questions, yet, there is also a beauty in the minutiae but to see that splendor means that you got to stop. Walking into the sanctuary and being delightfully surprised by the beautiful quilt lovingly handcrafted by our Squares and Prayers quilting group brought me to this splendorous stop. It’s being raffled off to raise funds for one of our ministries. As I stopped, I went back to the office and counted – we’ve helped 32 families so far this year. And our monthly canned food collection has already provided 2085 servings which is about 600 meals.
   Yes, there is more to do...but I like to imagine that each of these meals, and each offering of aid, is one “stitch on the reverse side.” We’re a part of this bigger tapestry, working so that others will at least catch a glimpse of the beauty that God desires for all.  

Together We Serve,                                                                                                            Pastor Mike

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