The ministry of Prineville Presbyterian Church is geared to fit with our church vision.  Therefore our ministry has several focal points. These include spiritual care through Bible Study, a special emphasis on children and youth, and outreach and mission through our community garden and local mission programs. Many of our church members are also active in a variety of helping programs throughout our community. Furthermore, our congregation also sponsors Cub Scout Pack 28.  Communion is gladly brought to those who are home-bound.

Our Church is a member of the "Faith Based Network" which coordinates activities throughout Crook County from helping people in need to community projects.

We meet currently offer a pair of Bible Studies for adults. Wednesday mornings (Fall through Spring) beginning at 10 we meet for an hour and half to read and discuss lessons from the Bible; and wonder about how that shapes us into who are we are disciples of Jesus Christ. This is open to all regardless of their experience with the Bible. Other studies, usually Sunday mornings, are added on occasion.  These are opportunities to explore and deepen your faith as well as a safe place to discuss various issues and grow in friendships.

2nd Sundays youth event series. Each month, on the 2nd Sunday we meet at 1PM, and for a couple of hours we do "stuff" like bowling and hiking and service projects and eating pizza and...???  It brings youth and adults together to laugh and learn - and to forge friendships within a Christ centered community.
Children’s Sunday School begins when the children are excused from worship. Worship is at 10:00 AM on Sundays and lasts about an hour. We encourage children to participate in worship. This includes helping in the worship service and children’s message. Occasionally the children sing a special song or perform a skit during worship. We have nursery care for children under three during worship. 


Prineville, like so many rural communities in Oregon is hungry. Our statistics don’t look good. Nearly one in four children live in homes below the poverty level and 2 out of 3  public school children receive free and reduced lunch. Our local food bank is usually bare and rarely has fresh produce.

The Prineville Presbyterian church is responding to this need by offering our one acre garden to the community. We partner  with Seed to Supper and also Cooking Matters programs in helping clients at Redemption House homeless shelter learn to grow and cook fresh vegetables. Our garden also has plots available at a nominal fee for residents to grow their own vegetables. The Prineville Community Garden has helped our congregation to live our vision. The garden is an intergenerational place to share knowledge about gardening, grow healthy food for the poor, and to enjoy God’s bountiful blessings.

Together, we have enriched the soil, used youth workers to erect a deer fence and we installed an irrigation system that provides water to each plot. Our garden has become a work site for the at risk high school work crew. As well, we have planted an orchard, raspberries and strawberries within the fence.

The church family will tend the orchard, raspberries and strawberries and these fruits will be donated to our local food bank. The church will also supply the water and electricity for the pump. Those costs are off-set by a grant from our Presbytery.

We have received free seeds for our project from Territorial Seeds in Cottage Grove, Oregon and from the America the Beautiful Fund. Local seed producers gave us seed potatoes too. This project took a couple of years to get going. We’ve had gophers, hail and water troubles. But, we have also had wonderful prayer support from our members and donations from the community.

In the past we have sent produce to the local food bank and also sold the excess from the community garden at the Prineville Farmer’s Market. 

In 2011 we purchased a community garden tiller which has helped get the soil ready for planting as well as keep down the weeds.

We meet in March for sign-ups for the Prineville Community Garden. Each year the interest in the garden grows. We are thankful to the many who pray for us and thankful for all who have supported this local mission.

MISSION                                                                                                                              The 1st Sunday of every month we gather non-perishable foods which we take to St. Vincent De Paul. SVDP is a local food bank here in Prineville that distributes food to families in need. In 2014 we provided approximately 1100 meals.
Priceslasher receipts. Priceslasher grocery store donates to non-prophet organizations. We save their grocery receipts and turn them in. The store will then give us a percentage of the receipt total.
Canceled Stamps. We collect used postage stamps. The stamps are gathered and sent to a mission organization in Australia where they are auctioned off to stamp collectors and the money is used for medical missions in the South Pacific region.

Education labels to support our local schools.

Specialty recyclable materials such as Capri Sun, cheese containers, empty cereal bags, used pens & pencils, used ink cartridges, and empty beauty product containers to support our cub scouting program.
Our growing membership is active in around 60 different agencies, service clubs, and other organizations.  This includes St. Vincent DePaul, Faith Based Network, Redemption House homeless shelter, Seed to Supper, Lutheran Community Services NorthWestYoung Life and a variety of governmental agencies.

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