Our vision statement was formally adopted on August 4th 2013.  We use the vision to guide the directions we take in our Ministry.


We of this congregation aim to serve our Lord through the teachings of Jesus Christ, and we are committed to sharing God’s bountiful blessings.


We, the people of Prineville Presbyterian Church, are called to live faithfully by reaching out, serving and respecting others, and respecting life and creation.  We are committed to our faith and denomination, our changing community, the growing diversity of Crook County, and addressing the shortage of positive activities for children and youth.

We believe that…
  •  God is revealed through Scripture and relationships
  • Jesus is our personal savior, close friend, and guide
  • The Holy Spirit works through us and others with acts of love, mercy, and grace
  • The Bible is our source of inspiration and guidance for living
  • We all sin and cannot save ourselves, but when we repent God forgives and forgets
Therefore we will:
  • Serve our community by reaching out to those who are struggling to meet their basic needs.
  • Encourage volunteer leadership and community involvement.
  • Care for God’s creation and the beauty of our community.
  • Provide a positive, friendly, and welcoming place to worship.
  • Seek opportunities to value the beauty of our area by finding opportunities to mix outdoor activities with worship, fellowship, spiritual growth, and education.
  • Offer flexibility and variety in finding ways to offer spiritual growth to people who, with various schedules, are active in work, volunteer service, and travel.
  • Provide support and opportunities for children and youth to grow in faith and to play.
  • Maintain and use our church building and grounds in ways that glorify God and offer thanksgiving for the generous gifts and blessings God has bestowed upon the people of our congregation.

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