Monday, October 9, 2017

The events of the past weeks lay heavy on my heart as we began our worship recently.

The horrific shooting in Las Vegas, growing outbursts of some of our world’s leaders that bring us closer to obliteration (a fear I’m hearing more and more), other outbursts that only drive deeper the wedge that’s already dividing our nation.

And then during our prayer time, Joan shared that the ‘double-stroller” used by Mountain Star Relief Nursery had been stolen.

MountainStar is a nonprofit organization working directly with vulnerable families in an effort to keep children safe from abuse and neglect. My wife Kathleen, and Jaon are among the volunteers from PPC helping this terrific program, and Kathleen had mentioned the theft earlier. It all left an ugly smudge across my heart.

But -- there was more to Joan’s prayer. It came with gratitude because she found a 'single' stroller at a garage sale, and after the seller learned of MountainStar's need, Joan was given the stroller for free.

We celebrated this goodness. And rightfully so.

And this goodness gets even better.

As Joan was leaving church a kind and generous soul pressed a $100 bill into her palm to replace the 'double' stroller. At another garage sale Joan found a 'double' stroller - and a 'triple' stroller too! All for $60 leaving funds to help MountainStar with other needs.

And where previously MountainStar could only take two infants on outings; now they can take 6.

The Bible is filled with longstanding stories of God’s goodness. New stories of this goodness are being written every day.

Come listen to the stories others have and/or come share your story. We gather Sundays at 10AM.

Together We Serve, 
Pastor Mike

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