Wednesday, June 1, 2016

While the Bible has lots of accounts of people being amazed by Jesus, there’s one account of Jesus being amazed by a person. It’s a Roman centurion, a military commander who by all accounts was truly a nice guy (Luke 7:1-12).

A nice guy who had a ‘belief about’ God, but only when faced with a life or death situation did he put his ‘faith in’ Jesus Christ.

This change amazed Jesus.

Did Jesus find faith in somebody who didn’t know they were capable of that faith?

Lots of good people and nice people have a 'belief about' God. What happens when that ‘belief about' God leaves them needing more?

Rea Nolan Martin writes “Belief is a product of the mind, but faith is not. Faith is a product of the spirit. The mind interferes in the process of faith more than it contributes to it. To have faith in the worst of times will no doubt require us to silence, or at least quiet, the mind. Faith is what happens when our beliefs run aground.”

We need to stand ready to meet people wherever they are - and on their terms - to help them move from ‘belief about’ God to ‘faith in’ Jesus Christ.

While that might have us nurturing their faith by pointing out elements of faith they didn’t know they had...
…that could very well mean that to start with them...
...we need to begin by looking again at our own faith in Jesus Christ.

Join us Sundays at 10AM as we freshen up our faith.

Together We Serve,
Pastor Mike

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