Monday, July 18, 2016

As we started our worship time together, my heart was burdened -- again. This time it was after having learned of the murders of 3 police officers in Baton Rouge. This latest horror comes out of a stream of headlines that all involve stories with the word 'fear' in them.

Against this backdrop, during worship yesterday one of our members - a college student - shared about her recent mission/study trip to  Northern Ireland. This is an area that has known terrible violence for generations. The trip was run through the Corrymeela Community. PPC helped support this trip.

Her work included learning about the history behind the strife. It boils down to a taught hatred that's born out of generations-old habits of fear; and often people don't even know why they have those habits.

It's amazing to hear how quickly this fear evaporates once people get past the walls that separate them (these are actual walls 20 feet high).

As the fear is erased, so too is the hatred.

Our college student included this picture which we put on our bulletin. I like to imagine two people who are different from each other talking...about themselves...about their habits...about their fears...with no walls to divide them nor are there any to be seen.

Only a free wide open vastness ahead of them.

All of this done in the shadow of the Cross, in the shadow of God's love for all made real.

I invite you to sit with us. We talk about this love Sundays at 10AM.

Together We serve,
Pastor Mike

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